Saturday, July 01, 2006

Knee-High Socks

This patt stipulates up to and including the calf decreases (leaving you free to cont with your favourite heel, foot and toe method).


100g Opal DreamCatcher col:1237;
knitting elastic;
3mm circs or DPNs (US3)

Tension 7.5 sts and 9 rows = 1" (St st in the rnd)

CO 64 sts.
With elastic and yarn held tog, work 25 rnds in K1, P1 Rib.
Drop the elastic, change to St st and work 30 rnds.

Calf decs - on the assumption that you're using DPNs, cont as folls: (I place st markers on my 12" circ):

Rnd 56 N1: K1, K2tog, K to end; N2: K; N3: K to last 3 sts, SSK, K1…
62 sts rem
K 6 rnds

Rnd 63 Rep rnd 56… 60 sts
K 3 rnds

Rnd 67 Rep rnd 56... 58 sts
K 6 rnds

Rnd 74 Rep rnd 56... 56 sts
K 3 rnds

Rnd 78 Rep rnd 56… 54 sts
K 6 rnds

Rnd 85: Rep rnd 56... 52 sts

Cont without dec to heel - approx 28 more rnds (you can adjust the length here).

Use your favourite sock pattern from here on in.

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Deby said...

WOW, now thats a lot of knitting. They are gorgeous! Love the colors you used.

Anonymous said...

fantastic, like really old fashioned stockings: thick and wrinkly!

Crow Jane said...

These are awesome - they look thick and relatively quick. Noice (too much Kath & Kim) colour choice, too.

Hpaisan40 said...


Beautiful socks! I have one question ... For what size foot were they made?


Anonymous said...

Emily, they fit an average women's foot - 7.5 - 8.5"

Unknown said...

What weight yarn is Opal Dreamcatcher?