Friday, August 04, 2006

Cami Options

For a casual look, use a multi-coloured yarn.

I made mine with Noro Lily Multi col:121 - a combination of cotton and silk - purchased here and wore it all summer long!

Yarn: silk, cotton or a combination of both. Linen could also work.

Colour & beads: Make it in an 'old rose' colour (think:vintage) with creme boarders and straps or crisp white cotton (or linen) for a casual day look. Use pearls instead of crystal beads: round pearls with a pearl drop centre. For stunning straps, thread vintage pearl and crystal beads onto heavy-duty cotton or fishing line. For a dramatic evening look use black or navy silk with black and clear crystal beads and black pearls for straps.

You're all creative people... the possibilities are endless!

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picperfic said...

Nora...this pattern is stunning...but then look at the delicious little model wearing it! It couldn't fail to look sensational!

Anonymous said...

The beaded Cami is lovely. I would love to knit this but need to know how many stitches to co for a 42" bust. I know that you knit from the bottom up and given the A-line shape, I am not sure what the number of stitches would be once I reach the bust area. Do you have the increases in ( )'s for larger sizes. Since I am larger, the bottom would have to be a little larger than the pattern calls for. Thank you and can't wait to hear from you very soon. My email is Thank you

Anonymous said...

First: thank you for sharing this lovely patten.

Could you please email the pattern specifications for larger sizes?

I'm a size 42 bust, but it would need to be larger all around.


Anonymous said...

I love this cami. Is there any you could email me with directions for making it for a size 36/38 bust?

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Love the flare and the lace. Thanks so much.