Saturday, January 20, 2007

Zakka Sac

:: Zakka are small, general products used in everyday life. The term zakka has also come to represent a minimalist style of art and craft – items that are simple, charming and of Japanese aesthetic.

:: There are many alternatives to making a drawstring pouch. For me, this is the quickest method (less than 1 hr - including the knitting) and I like how it uses the lining as a contrast.

:: If the bag is finished neatly (no exposed seams, hanging threads etc), it’s reversible!

You’ll need:

  • yarn
  • fabric and lining
  • draw cord – ribbon, braid etc
  • matching thread
  • knitting needles
  • tapestry needle
  • sewing machine or hand held hemmer

:: I used: Rowan Handknit DK cotton in red for the base and linen fabrics for the body.

This will make a 16 cm wide sac:

1. Using 5mm knitting needles CO 30 sts and work in garter st until piece measures 12 cm. Bind off.

Using tapestry needle and matching yarn, fold piece in half and sew both sides. Iron lightly on WS.

2. Measure piece across the top and cut both fabrics in accordance with this size (don't forget your seam allowance - approx 2cm).
My knitted piece was 18cm across the top, therefore I cut 2 x W20cm fabric pieces.

3. Place main fabric and lining with RS facing each other and machine sew all around the square, leaving a 10cm gap at one of the bottom corners.

Tip: Cut fabric with pinking shears to avoid over-locking.

4. Push/flip through the opening so that the RS is now facing you. Use a knitting needle to push the corner out and hand stitch closed.

5. Drawcord section – you can use my method (below) or this alternative

I folded the top part of the pouch over so that it contrasts with the lining. Sew across but do NOT sew the edges as this is where you’ll thread your drawcord.

6. Iron the fabric before attaching to the knitted base.

7. Hand stitch or machine sew the fabric all the way around the knitted base. Join to form a tube and hand stitch closed.
8. Measure and cut drawcord/ribbon. Fasten a safety pin onto one side and push through the tube.

That's it!

Black Dog Knits


Anonymous said...

Perfect!! Just what I need for hot weather knitting!!! I need an emerald green one of these....

Martina said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I have my eye on some green linen!

Dr. B. said...

Thank you for your tutorial. You rock.

And when will will Kitty Craft re-open?! I discovered the site about a week before she moved, and now it's been months that she's been closed. I'm on the list to be notified when she's back. But I am quite sad about this. Her fabrics are SOOOO cute!

AR said...

That is so cool. Thanks.

catsmum said...

Dr B will be happy to know that Kitty Craft has a note up on her site saying she reopens on the 23rd
and of course you know I LUURVE the tute.

Leslie said...

Thank you for the instructions!

randi K design said...

Thank you, good idea...

supa said...

I have been working on this lately, in bits and pieces. thank you for the tutorial.

abequayacoub said...

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