Friday, August 31, 2007

Soft enclosures

A quick, beautifully crafted item that is perfect for gifts or when you need instant gratification.
Choose butter-soft wools that drape and fold around the body : Fine, lightweight fabrics in interesting textures : Unexpected materials give interest to simple shapes : Neutrals teamed with red or olive tones work best – or keep it simple with graphic black and white.


▪ 1.5m main fabric
▪ co-ordinating fabric pieces
▪ matching thread
▪ brooch


The instructions below do not allow for seam allowances. Please remember to add approx 1cm seams (or less) for each join. Please check the diagram for finished measurements and adjust accordingly.

1. Cut and machine stitch the co-ordinating cotton strips according to the measurements in the diagram below – ensure that they are approx 20cm wide after seam allowances.

2. Measure the main fabric and cut a strip that is 20cm wide and 95cm long (not including seams).

3. Machine stitch the strips and main fabric together. This is the front piece.

4. Measure the back fabric against the front piece (it should be 20cm wide approx 125cm long, not including seams).

5. With RS tog, pin both pieces all the way around, leaving a gap of approx 10cm [for turning]. Machine stitch both sides together [but not the gap], leaving a seam allowance of approx 1cm.

6. Press lightly, clip each corner diagonally and turn the scarf RS out through the gap.

7. Push out all 4 corners, slip stitch the gap closed and press lightly.

8. Gently drape around your neck and fasten with a modern – style brooch (or make your own here).


Taueret said...

thanks Nora it looks gorgeous. Is there a pic somewhere of one being worn?

nicole said...

So beautiful. But yes, please show us a photo of how you wear it.

Mouse said...

Gorgeous. I would also like to see how its worn.

Diane said...

you are quite the talent! why do you want to be a doctor anyway? I've been a Registered Nurse for 19years...I turned to knitting and other crafts to keep me sane!!!

Ang said...

Oh another item of yours to go on the "todo" list. This is gorgeous Nora.

picperfic said...

a beautiful idea and a lovely tute...thanks clevr you!

picperfic said...

just gorgeous!

randi K design said...

Hi Nora!
Your fabric choices are beautiful, clean, elegant! Would love to see it done...

Anne Marie said...

How generous of you to share the "how to do's" of this beautiful scarf. Thank you Nora!

scarf lover said...

beautiful, I love the pattern.

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